Millennium Plexus provides wireless access control without feature limitations.
Full Access Control Features
Wireless door handles are the traditional go-to solution for wireless access control, but they come at a hidden cost - limited access to full security features. 
A wireless door handle:
  • Limits accessible features to the most frequently used such as lock and unlock.
  • Needs to conserve battery power thus often goes in power saving mode- restricting remote admin connectivity in emergency cases while in sleep mode.
  • Due to power saving mode, can only receive operator instructions, central system messages and updates during scheduled up-times.

Millennium Plexus :
  • Wireless Mesh system unlike traditional wireless handles provides a full-featured access control system along with wireless benefits. 
  • Is powered using any local power source and does not need seasonal battery replacement or energy conservation. System is always on.
  • All operator instructions, system messages and updates are applied in real time.
Register for the Plexus Beta Launch Webinar.

The webinar covers all the basics of the Millennium Plexus wireless controllers and it’s benefits. We will go over site use cases, beta sites set up training and there will be a question and answer session.

Date : Thursday, April 4, 2019

Time : 2.00 pm EST

Duration : 45 minutes
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