C heck Out The New Tech Support Portal
We have redesigned our technical support portal to make it cleaner, more modern and intuitive. Now you can login to the portal to easily create new tickets, check the status of your tickets, search for user guides and even chat with one of our expert technical support experts. The new portal makes it easy for you to manage your access control installations better and give faster response to your clients.

Here are some of the highlights:
Single sign on options
Now you have multiple ways to create and login into your account. We offer a one click option to login using either your Facebook or Google accounts. Don't have either of those accounts, you can still create an account or login the traditional way. More options-better service.
Chat box available
The bottom right hand corner of the page now sports a bright chat box option. You can click to instantly start a chat with one of our technical support experts. Say hi or ask very important questions - up to you.
Check up on your tickets
Easily create and monitor your tickets using the new tickets section. Alternatively, if you want to speak directly to one of our agents after creating a ticket, we've included a phone number here for you.
Stay updated with forums
Get updated on all the happenings from Millennium. Receive the most up to date news about the hardware and software components of our access control systems.

Under development is a brand new technician discussion forum- Coming soon this summer...
Check out more new features.....
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