The Millennium Ultra Access Control management system and Milestone XProtect video management software integration brings together a combination of superior access control security management and world class video monitoring solution.

The Flexibility and highly scalable Millennium Ultra Access Control system is the perfect match for Milestone XProtect VMS . This optional integration provides the same level of performance you would expect when using each platform separately. Presented on a single screen with one login, saving time and effort while allowing you to focus on the job of monitoring your facilities, investigating cases and responding to security incidents.

  • View live and recorded video from multiple cameras

  • Centralized single management interface

  • Visual verification of triggered alarm. (Immediate video playback can be configured to record 20 seconds pre & post alarm. Intervals can be configured to allow up to 60 seconds of recording both ways)

  • Update system firmware seamlessly

  • Authenticate, play-back and export recordings

  • Video database encryption and digital signing

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