Here's what you can do with the new dealer portal
View Account Summary
The dealer portal gives you a birds eye view into all your sites and accounts. We worked hard to put all the information in one place so that you don't have to search for it.

Review door counts
The new dealer portal provides you with insight into all your sites and their specific door counts. Now you can monitor all your doors from one place.

Monitor active licenses
You no longer have to wonder if a site has an active license or not. From within the portal, you can view all the site information including the number of active and/or expired licenses.

Get up to date systems information
The dealer portal gives you information into all your active systems. You can now view all your site hardware, wireless handle integrations and software information from within your account. Review sites with Millennium Ultra, Tellus, and all your cloud-hosted sites.

Review and renew SMAs
The portal presents the status of all your site's Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs). You can now instantly view which of your sites have valid or expired SMAs- and when a site SMA expires, you can easily request for a renewal from within the portal.

Manage Mobile Connect
The new Millennium Mobile Connect accounts can now be monitored through the portal. You can review and monitor all your site's mobile credentials. Expects a full mobile connect accounts integration coming soon.

Get important notifications
The notifications section contains all alerts about your accounts, and we have also included latest promotions and news updates from Millennium. This way, you never have to miss any information from us.
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