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We Are Excited To Announce Two New Products!

Millennium is working to improve your access control experiences

Over the past year, Millennium group has worked hard to improve the experiences of our dealers and end users. As part of our mission to continually adopt modern methods of delivery, we have come up with a brand new modern, clean user interface for our Dealer Portal.

The new dealer portal presents you with the opportunity to view all your sites in a clean modern interface.

Now, you can;

  • Review your Software Maintenance Agreements (SMAs),
  • Monitor site subscriptions,
  • Get up to date information on renewals,
  • Request for SMA sales orders and
  • Initiate renewals online.

The Millennium Dealer Portal

Try It Out- Login To Dealer Portal

Mobile Connect provides increased security and enables ease of operation.

All Mobile Connect credentials are securely managed through the Millennium software platform and are easily assigned through the administrator to all mobile-enabled employees, students or assigned personnel.

Mobile Connect is:

  • Easy to use– easily assign mobile credentials to cardholders
  • Easy to use– momentarily unlock doors with a single click from your smartphone
  • Flexible and reliable– works with ALL reader

The Millennium Mobile Connect App

Get Started - Download Mobile Connect

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