Explore the New Features in our Ultra version 3.0.0. Fall Release

The latest Ultra version 3.0.0. features and functionalities are designed to expand your capabilities and enhance your ease of use. Learn more about each new developments below.

Aimetis CCTV integration

With the Aimetis Symphony integration, operators can assign CCTV cameras to Ultra alarms/events and review recorded video from Alarm/Event monitor or Historical Log page. Real-time access to live video feeds from all cameras is also available.

Import export cardholder ultra 3.0.0

Automated cardholders

The Millennium Ultra version 3.0.0. software is now equipped to automatically update add/delete/update cardholder’s information provided by third-party applications in text file format. This gives you more integration flexibility.

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Allegion AD300 and AD400 locks

In the new version 3.0.0. Millennium Ultra can now work with Allegion locks just like with regular doors. One of the big advantages of this integration is the Conditional and Unconditional Lock-down functionality implementation.

Integration with Allegion image ultra 3.0.0
Hot commands group ultra 3.0.0

Hot Commands Group

Millennium Ultra version 3.0.0. now allows for the possibility to create a group for Hot Commands. It allows an operator to send multiple commands to different tenants with just “one click” of a button.

Ultra 3.0.0 on your computers

Muster Track reports

This functionality allows operators to generate muster track reports accounting for the last possible swipe-in location of a user/employee into a building or room. It is especially important in instances of emergency evacuations or buildings requiring daily headcounts.

Muster track report image for ultra 3.0.0
Scheduled report image for ultra 3.0.0

Scheduled reports

Ultra version 3.0.0. allows an operator to create a  report schedule and get updated information every hour/day/week/months by email. You can also open reports from the scheduled reports folder on the Ultra server.

Cardholder Page disable option

Ultra version 3.0.0. now provides the possibility to disable fields for the Cardholder page. Operators can now turn off the “Visibility” checkbox in the “Operator-Defined fields” page and that field will be disabled.

Cardholder disable option
postgresql-logo for ultra 3.0.0

Now supports PostgreSQL

This functionality significantly decreases Ultra installation time. Ultra with  PostgreSQL leads to a significant up to 70% reduction in installation time depending on the target computer configuration.

Ultra v 3.0.0 on the mobile

Upgrade from Client Application

Added possibility to process Ultra upgrade from the client application (Windows client only) without access to the Ultra server.

Windows logo for ultra 3.0.0.

Additional features

Active directory for ultra 3.0.0.

Active Directory

Operator Enabled Directory Access

Millennium Ultra offers operator login accessibility using the network’s active directory user list. The software allows for limitation of system user permissions and daily activities. The flexibility allows for advanced control and security by IT

Wireless Locks Integration

Integration With Assa Abloy IN120 Wireless Locks

Millennium Ultra access control system integrates with ASSA Abloy IN120,  Allegion AD300/400, Salto and Ving Card.


Conditional and Unconditional Lockdown

Millennium ultra permits fullscale conditional or unconditional facility lockdowns within seconds of notification by a client or any programmed software event, is able to trigger a hardware response on indication that a threat is imminent. This feature allows for full scale protection of facilities; especially delicate locations such as schools, law enforcement and hospitality facilities.

Video Integration

Integration With Video Management Software

The Millennium Ultra Access Control management system integrates seamlessly with the Aimetis Symphony video management software as well as the industry acclaimed March networks video monitoring and management software. The integration provides you with a combination of superior access control security management and industry acclaimed video monitoring solution directly within the Ultra interface.


March networks integration Flyer

Aimetis Symphony Integration Flyer

Millennium Ultra is our flagship web browser-capable access control platform designed with a highly scalable architecture capable of supporting thousands of doors across multiple locations. Millennium Ultra is flexible and customizable for any business environment, allowing for easy user access to complex functionality with our intuitive user interface. Ultra is fully backward and forward compatible with all of the Millennium Door Control Devices and the software supports all popular third-party card and select bio-metric technologies to ensure the highest levels of compatibility and security.

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