What sets us apart

Advanced Monitoring

Our highly advanced, network access (ATMA) software allows us to deliver reliable, round-the-clock security that’s simple to use, affordable, and tremendously powerful. This creates a safe vestibule that customers will return to again and again.

Trusted Partner

As a preferred partner in the access control industry, we listen to our customers’ feedback and make a point to prioritize their growing needs. Perhaps that’s why we’re considered the best solution for leading financial institutions.

Industry Leader

In the ever-changing climate of technology, the needs of our clients continue to expand. That’s why our solutions address every aspect of ATM security, whether it’s door access, data protection, or ease of installation. Synergistics Premier Banking has a proven system, establishing us as a leader in the industry.
Surveillance security room

Centrally Managed Software

  • Flexible software
  • Monitor multiple sites at once
  • Set and reset features remotely

Reliable Hardware

  • Anti-Skimming & Mag Stripe
  • Anti-Skimming w/ NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • Mag Stripe Only
  • High-Speed Network On-Board
  • UL294 Listed
  • PCI-Compliant

Reputable Solutions

  • Scalable software
  • Proven track record for hardware and software
  • Online tech. support

Significant Cost Savings

  • Service many sites from one location
  • Remote system configuration and software management to reduce service calls and wasted drive time means fewer truck rolls.
  • Remote software updates

Quick Installations for New & Retrofitted Sites

  • 4-wire hardware connections for easy installations
  • Technicians can easily perform new installations & retrofitted replacements
  • Synergistics has designed hardware to use existing wiring. We have included removable connector blocks to aid in fast installation.
  • The software can all be pre-configured to allow for quick connections and startups.


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