Protect Your Property With a Virtual Security Officer

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Security During Quarantine

There’s no doubt that it’s a difficult season and being a business owner might be rough during these tough times. In addition to worrying about the safety of yourself and your loved ones, you also have to worry about the safety and security of your business. Although some states are beginning to reopen, while some are under lock-down until much later, it is easy for criminals to take advantage of the opportunity to target empty streets and businesses. With recent surges and spike in violence across the country, commercial burglaries have increased.

Before the pandemic, hiring security guards to monitor your business was one solution in ensuring that your properties are secured, but with new laws on social distancing that could put them at risk for contracting COVID-19, how do you protect your property with a virtual security officer?

Who is a Virtual Security Officer?

A virtual security officer is a highly trained professional security staff someone who monitors your property remotely, 24 hours a day, using the latest surveillance camera technology.  The camera feeds are then monitored by security staff 24/7.


How Virtual Security Officer Works

If an event occurs, the cameras can activate sirens and strobe lights, as well as verbal warnings to any intruders, letting them know the police are on their way.

Security staff follow a predetermined plan of action, contacting the authorities to report the event with emphasis on visual verification of the intruder. This will also notify the appropriate people within the organization.  Additionally, these surveillance cameras ensure that all incidents are recorded, so in the event of a criminal investigation, footage can easily be provided to law enforcement.


Keeping others safe

All of us have the responsibility to help stem the spread of corona-virus and reduce the increased rate of burglaries and looting. Keeping people out of public spaces, and away from one another is a big part of it. Using Virtual Security Officers to monitor your property allows your business to accomplish both of these goals — and have a positive impact on the fight against COVID-19

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