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Northwestern University Expands Access Control Integration

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Northwestern and Millennium began working together in Access control in 1995 with a stand-alone system. At the time, Millennium’s major advantage was its ability to have all doors on one site in a daisy chain configuration. Competitors options all required a home-run to a communications hub. This made the Millennium option far more cost-effective.

Original Challenge:

Secure over 100 doors on the Northwestern University Campus. Provide reliable hardware and modern technology to connect all important doors on one system.

Solution and Evolution: 

Millennium’s software and reliable hardware with web accessible platform has allowed the project to expand from 100 doors to thousands of doors in over 200 buildings. Continuous improvement in the product has allowed for a planned, budgeted evolution of hardware and software which has allowed Northwestern University to keep up with the changing demands of the site. A strong Millennium Dealer network provides support to ensure successful rapid expansion of Access Control across university properties. Important custom integration elements managed by the Millennium team have provided process efficiency for the Northwestern team and community as a whole.

The Millennium Group and the Northwestern team, saving money for Northwestern and streamlining the important process of welcoming 23,000 students to campus each year.

“Managing security at Northwestern University is a role I take seriously. I’ve been proud to partner with Millennium to integrate and streamline access control into our overall security strategy. I have confidence in Millennium as my ‘go to’ partner and I look forward to continued expansion and integration of campus security with Millennium.”

Tony Hicks Supervisor of Physical Security, Northwestern University.
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