Our Company-Millennium Group Company History

The history of Millennium Group, Inc. goes back to the 1960s when a company called Synergistics was founded as a security control company in Natick, MA. Over the next few decades, Synergistics grew to become a leading access control provider while partnering with and acquiring other security startups.

The latest iteration came to fruition in 2005, with Millennium Group, Inc. standing alone as an industry leader in door and access control solutions.

The focus of our company has never changed: keep businesses and their resources secure and adapt to the ever-changing needs of building owners.

A Glance at Our Past


Synergistics founded


Enterprise enters the market


Company acquires iMonitor and Expert enters the market


Company acquires Millennium Access Control and Xtra is introduced to the market in 2004


50 Year Anniversary


Millennium Ultra is Introduced

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