Electronic access control for commercial buildings.

Large commercial properties include organizations with 32+ managed doors, hundreds of cardholders and/or physically distributed locations. The size of these properties calls for complex physical and organizational structures and enterprise-class electronic access control capabilities.
For more than 60 years, we’ve delivered commercial keyless entry access control systems for hundreds of physical locations, thousands of doors and tens of thousands of cardholders. Plus, we have a nationwide network of factory-trained and certified system integrators—support is always nearby.


Flexible electronic access control for smaller commercial buildings

For organizations with less than 32 managed doors in either one or just a few physical locations, we offer commercial access control systems that require minimal ongoing maintenance and no recurring hosting or software licensing fees. Without the need for dedicated servers and complex software installation, our pre-engineered range of building access control systems means you can benefit from an easy-to-use user interface with basic access control functionality to secure your resources. The system is designed to provide a fast and flexible installation with minimum training requirements while retaining the Enterprise Class features and functions customers expect.