New How To Video Content in Dealer Knowledge Base

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New Content in our Dealer Knowledge Base

To better meet the needs of our dealers, we’ve added our first “how to” video demonstrating how to create doors with time periods in Millennium Ultra to the Dealer Knowledge Base.  These short (less than five minute) videos are intended to provide helpful guidance and tips related to commonly performed tasks associated with our products.  Check back frequently as we will be significantly expanding this content over the coming weeks!

Announcing NO CHARGE online Tellus Training

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Tellus Online Training - Tellus logo

If Training is so important, why is it expensive and time consuming?


We’ve decided it shouldn’t be!

First we created Millennium Tellus.  By eliminating the challenges associated with server procurement and software installation we make sure you can complete your electronic access control installation in record time


Now we’ve taken that same commitment to efficiency and applied it to our training program.  Today we are pleased to announce our first ever totally no charge, totally online training program for Millennium Tellus.


Intended for installers and technicians that are already familiar wtih the basics of access control, this approximately 3 hour online course will walk you through the steps of installing and configuring a Millennium Tellus system.


Fast and Free…whats better than that!
Millennium Tellus kit

Take the FREE online Tellus training today