Announcing the availability of important Millennium Group Inc. software updates

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Our June software release is now available for download.  Important updates have been made to both Millennium Ultra, and to the firmware for our E-series hardware including the EDCD, ESCU and NetDCD.

Enhancements in this release include:

Millennium Ultra Version 1.0.10

  • Millennium Ultra software integrated with Ving Card locks.   Users can now issue VingCard credentials directly from Ultra.  This provides a more unified access control experience and a single database in installations with a mix of conventional and VingCard doors.
  • Floor Lockdown support added. Now operator can send the Lockdown commands to elevator floors
  • Active directory integration for operator accounts. If the integration enabled, operator can use his domain credential to login to Ultra simplifying authentication of Ultra operators and improving security.

E-Series Firmware Version 6C

  • Protocol encryption functionality added. Now operator can enable network level protocol encryption between controller and Ultra server to enhance the security access control system related network traffic over LAN and WAN.
  • Cards download protocol optimization.  Enhancements to make the card download process faster and more robust especially for sites with large cardholder databases.


See links below for complete release notes.  Please note that we will continue to release our software updates on the last Thursday of every month, and that our July update will be a more expansive update with many exciting new features.

Millennium Ultra V 1.0.10 Release Notes

E-Series Firmware Version 6C Release Notes

Announcing Enhancements to Tellus Pre-Engineered Access Control

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Tellus: A Modern, Easy to Install Pre-Engineered Access Control Solution.

You asked and we listened! We’ve Improved and expanded our state of the art line of Tellus Pre-Engineered Access Control Systems to provide greater flexibility and faster installation.

Our latest product update includes:

  • HID reader option provides greater application flexibility
  • Built in network switch enhances expansion capabilities
  • Deployment utility to significantly reduce system configuration time

Experience Enterprise class access control without Enterprise class complexity. Contact your local Millennium sales representative for a demo today!

Tellus offers out of the box licensing for 32 doors, no recurring software maintenance fees, no software installation or external server, and includes readers and key tags.