Millennium Access Control in the News

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Salt Lake Community College Leading the Way in Student Safety

Salt Lake Community College has long been leading the way in keeping student safe with their Millennium Access Control solution.

Now there has been a great article published about how they have broadly deployed toggle functionality to allow professors, staff and administrators to protect students during unsafe situations.

Announcing the Availability of Millennium Ultra Version 2.0.0

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Our August software release is now available for download  by authorized dealers.
Millennium Ultra Version 2.0
 Version 2.0 now incorporates the necessary services and interfaces to enable substantial expansion to our portfolio of integrations, focusing specifically on Video and Intrusion functionality.  While in the initial release many of these changes will be transparent to users and dealers, a number of integrations taking advantage of these adjustments will be made available in the next several monthly updates.
Notable changes include;
  • Implemented services and modules necessary for March Networks video integration as well as other planned future video and alarm integrations.
  • Converged Ultra and Ultra Lite clients to simplify access for sites or users with multiple and mixed deployments
  • Enhanced the historical archive search algorithm to speed searches and report generation
  • Salto integration UI optimization. Now operator can start Salto controller download process from the Site page.

New Product Announcement

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Announcing the Immediate Availability of Millennium Ventus

A true Plug and Play upgrade for Millennium Expert

Millennium Ventus is a full featured preconfigured installation of Millennium Ultra specifically designed to upgrade existing Millennium Expert systems up to a maximum of 64 doors.  Designed to simplify the upgrade process, when the converted databases are made available the complete upgrade can be accomplished in a matter of minutes without the need to supply a server or undertake a complex software installation.

No server or software installation required. Comes complete with solid state computer preloaded with windows 10, Microsoft SQL and a 64 door version of Millennium Ultra
Reliability is assured through the selection of high quality components and power supplies
To simplify and speed connection and configuration to the building LAN, Ventus includes a 5 port switch
Compact, rugged powder coated enclosure with key lock to minimize footprint and maximize security
Kit comes complete with an ESCU and credit for a 64 door database conversion

Millennium Expert – End of Life Notice Announcement

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Technical Service Bulletin


Bulletin Number:  2017-06

Date:  August 24, 2017

Subject:  Millennium EXPERT – End of Life Notice


Impacted Products

All existing installation of the Millennium EXPERT software platform




Effective August 31, 2017 sales of Millennium Expert will be discontinued.  This product has not been actively developed for many years, and is no longer compatible with current operating systems.  As of the end of life date Millennium Expert will no longer be offered for sale.  Given the number of current access control systems still using this software platform, Millennium will, subject to our normal terms and conditions, offer continued technical support for these existing sites for a period of one year from the end of life date.  Effective August 31, 2018 Millennium will terminate all support services for Millennium Expert.




To simplify the migration from Millennium Expert to Millennium Ultra and to preserve previous hardware investments, Millennium has released the VENTUS product to enable a simplified and streamlined conversion.  Full details on this offering can be found at or by contacting your local millennium sales representatives.


For further information please contact Millennium Technical Services at 866-455-5222 or

Changes to the Millennium Team

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Millennium Group is pleased to announce several additions and adjustments to our team.

Mike Borman – Northeast Territory Manager

We are pleased to announce that Mike Borman has joined us a a Territory Manager responsible for the Northeast.  A New Jersey resident, Mike has a 20 year history of driving profitable growth while facilitating/creating a leadership environment he will be a tremendous asset to our partners throughout his territory.  Prior to joining Millennium Group, Mike spent 3 years building and developing a partner network for a hazardous-area device & instrument manufacturer.

Marie Viscardi – Finance Manager

We are also pleased to announce Marie Viscardi has joined us a Finance Manager responsible for the accounting, financial reporting and financial analysis.  Having graduated with distinction from Bentley College after earning a B.S. Degree in Corporate Finance with a minor in Sports Business Management, prior to joining Millennium Marie worked for the Kraft Sports Group.

Rob Leef –  South Central and South East Territory Manager

We are pleased to announce an expanded roll for Rob Leef who will now cover both the South East and South Central markets.  This will improve the service to our customers  and better align our sales coverage with the geographic region served by our dealers and distributors.

Exciting New Features in Millennium Ultra

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Millennium is pleased to announce the addition of exciting new features to our July release of Millennium Ultra.

Expanded capabilities include;

  • Active Directory Support
  • Network Level Encryption
  • Advanced Reporting Engine
  • Assa Abloy Vingcard Integration*
  • Assa Abloy In120 Wireless Lock Integration*
  • Salto Wireless Lock Integration*

Best of all, customers on a software maintenance agreement are eligible for free upgrades!

Download the July 2017 Ultra Feature Release  flyer today.

*Some features may require additional optional licensing


Millennium Announces New Product Segment

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David LeBlanc, President, Millennium Group Inc

We are changing our Product Portfolio to serve you better!

Schools are out, beaches and campsites are full, steaks and hamburgers in high demand…it must e Summer!  The team at Millennium is also enjoying the arrival of warm weather in New England, but we haven’t backed off our commitment to be the preferred option in Access Control and the best possible business partner.

Today I’m pleased to be able to share some changes in the way we are positioning and communicating about our product offering.  Specifically we are creating two discrete product segment, Millennium Pre-Engineered Access Control Systems and Millennium Engineered Access Control Solutions.  We are making this change to allow us to drive different marketing, business development and product development activities at different market segments.

Millennium Pre-Engineered Access Control Systems

This product segment is focused on opportunities that require high installation efficiency and relatively lower technician capabilities.  By eliminating the need for software installation, recurring software licensing fees, and creating modular installation kits we reduce the time and training necessary to get smaller systems up and running.

Millennium Tellus is our first product in this segment, but we will be substantially expanding the range of products in this segment over the next six months.  Additionally, we will be creating a streamlined training requirement that reflects the simplified installation and service process associated with this product segment.

Millennium Engineered Access Control Systems

Our Engineered offering will continue to look much like the historical offering including our E-Series range of hardware including the recently released NetDCD and the Ultra software platform.  We are fully committed to Ultra as our go forward platform and continue to invest in rapidly expanding the range of capabilities including support for wireless locks from multiple manufacturers, Microsoft Active Directory integration, advanced reporting and other features critical for enterprise class installations.

Our Engineered Systems offering will continue to encourage Software Maintenance Agreements as a way for the dealer to create a recurring revenue stream while providing their customers with our monthly bug fixes and feature additions.  We will also continue to utilize our efficient online self-paced training to ensure the highest level of service to the more complex end users targeted with this product segment.

As part of the implementation of this product offering structure you can expect changes to the format of our product catalog as well as differences in training requirements for each of these segments.  We will also be launching a completely new website that should significantly improve access to information for dealers and end users, but also reflects this new product vision.
While we are excited about the opportunity this realignment of our portfolio creates for our dealers, we also understand that you may have specific questions about the opportunity this creates for your business.  I would encourage you to reach out to your Millennium Sales Representative with any questions you may have, or you may always contact me directly.
Have a great summer!
Dave LeBlanc
Millennium Group Inc.

Announcing the availability of important Millennium Group Inc. software updates

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Our June software release is now available for download.  Important updates have been made to both Millennium Ultra, and to the firmware for our E-series hardware including the EDCD, ESCU and NetDCD.

Enhancements in this release include:

Millennium Ultra Version 1.0.10

  • Millennium Ultra software integrated with Ving Card locks.   Users can now issue VingCard credentials directly from Ultra.  This provides a more unified access control experience and a single database in installations with a mix of conventional and VingCard doors.
  • Floor Lockdown support added. Now operator can send the Lockdown commands to elevator floors
  • Active directory integration for operator accounts. If the integration enabled, operator can use his domain credential to login to Ultra simplifying authentication of Ultra operators and improving security.

E-Series Firmware Version 6C

  • Protocol encryption functionality added. Now operator can enable network level protocol encryption between controller and Ultra server to enhance the security access control system related network traffic over LAN and WAN.
  • Cards download protocol optimization.  Enhancements to make the card download process faster and more robust especially for sites with large cardholder databases.


See links below for complete release notes.  Please note that we will continue to release our software updates on the last Thursday of every month, and that our July update will be a more expansive update with many exciting new features.

Millennium Ultra V 1.0.10 Release Notes

E-Series Firmware Version 6C Release Notes

Announcing Enhancements to Tellus Pre-Engineered Access Control

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Tellus: A Modern, Easy to Install Pre-Engineered Access Control Solution.

You asked and we listened! We’ve Improved and expanded our state of the art line of Tellus Pre-Engineered Access Control Systems to provide greater flexibility and faster installation.

Our latest product update includes:

  • HID reader option provides greater application flexibility
  • Built in network switch enhances expansion capabilities
  • Deployment utility to significantly reduce system configuration time

Experience Enterprise class access control without Enterprise class complexity. Contact your local Millennium sales representative for a demo today!

Tellus offers out of the box licensing for 32 doors, no recurring software maintenance fees, no software installation or external server, and includes readers and key tags.