New Firmware Released for E-Series Controllers

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Our February software release is now available for download  by authorized dealers.

E-Series Firmware Version 6D build 10 now available

The latest update to E-Series firmware includes fixes a bug impacting the functionality of one of the relays;
Notable Fixes include;
  • Fixed bug with second relay active time after second card swipe/REX. Now the time period resets after the second swipe/REX event
  • General minor bug fixes and performance optimization

Millennium Xtra Version 5.0.2 Released

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Our February software release is now available for download  by authorized dealers.

Millennium Xtra Version 5.0.2 Released

This update to Millennium Xtra includes the accumulated bug fixes over the last several months.  As our forward focus is on Millennium Ultra, we do not anticipate any future feature releases for Xtra.
Notable Fixes include;
  • Fix to card format errors that can occur when using the now Obsolete WAPAC hardware
  • Fix for time related errors in the event manager
  • Correct deficiency in Scheduled Report search field processing

Announcing the Availability of Millennium Ultra Version 2.4.0

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Our January software release is now available for download  by authorized dealers.

Millennium Ultra Version 2.4.0

Version 2.4.0 includes several bug fixes and enhancements associated with the management of larger systems.
Notable changes include;
  • Muster Track reports added to Ultra. This new functionality allows operators to determine presence and duration of cardholders within a building or controlled area
  • DMP panels icon and functionality added to Floor Map.  This allows operators to check status and send commands to panels directly from the floor map interface

Millennium Grows Sales Presence in Southeast

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Welcome Rob Hicks – Southeast Territory Manager

Millennium Group is pleased to announce that Rob Hicks has joined our team as the Southeast Territory Manager

Rob joins us  from Service Corporation International where he spent four years as an area sales manager in Atlanta and Melbourne, FL.  As an extremely talented sales professional he achieved Century Club Diamond Level (over 120% of annual quota) for the last three years, Council of Achievement (at least four consecutive quarters over quota) for 2 years, and finished number one in the Major East Business Unit in 2016 and 2017.

Prior to his role at Service Corporation International, his diverse sales background included roles selling Access Control, Security, and CCTV.

He currently lives in Atlanta with his wife of 24 years Sandra for 24 years, his two children and two grandchildren.

We’re excited to add this great sales talent to our team to better service our customers across the southeast.

Rob can be reached at or at (940) 255-2572

An Exciting New Year at Millennium Group!

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And Just Like That its 2018!


Although we started the year with the Northeast in the deep freeze (I swear I saw a Polar Bear in Boston on New Years Eve) we took comfort in the fact that  the New England Patriots clinching home field advantage and are looking like strong Super Bowl contenders!  But with the Holidays a fading memory and everyone getting down the business of the winter grind, I wanted to share with you some of the things we have planned for the year.


The core of our strategy is to create tangible business value for our dealer partners by offering true Enterprise Class Access Control that is both highly capable and feature rich, but also simple to install and maintain.  We also recognize that your time is the most valuable and limited resource you have, and continue to work to make improvements in our total customer service and technical support experience to ensure that every minute you generously spend with us is a worthwhile investment for you.


While strategy is great, where the rubber really meets the road is the tangible actions we plan to take to deliver on this vision.  Luckily, because of the hard work of the team, we have a whole bunch of them planned!


Renewed Emphasis on Demand Generation – We recognize that the most important and direct value you derive from your relationship with Millennium is the opportunity to grow your installed base of customers.  We’ve made a significant investment in identifying, nurturing and qualifying leads to improve your project win rate.


Expansion of our Sales Presence –  Relationships are essential to every business, and the best relationships are those where there is mutual value creation.  To help provide a higher level of service we will be systematically expanding our sales presence.


Dealer Council – We are in the process of forming a dealer council to ensure that our channel partners have a direct and unified voice into the Millennium Product and Business strategy.


Updated Price Book – More than just an update, in the coming weeks we will be publishing a completely new catalog that will greatly simplify the configuration and pricing our product offering.  Our goal is to allow our dealers to work up Millennium product budgetary pricing for most opportunities in under 10 minutes.


Expanded Pre-Engineered Offering – Last year we introduced our Tellus and Ventus offering.  Coming later this quarter we will be announcing a significant expansion on this key portion of our Portfolio.  This expansion is focused on significantly reducing the time, cost and complexity of access control solutions up to 32 doors.


Expanded Integrations for our Engineered Offering – In all of that we certainly haven’t ignored our traditional engineered system customers.  We continue to deliver on our commitment to monthly software updates, with many new features and integrations planned for Millennium Ultra over the course of the year.


I would be remiss if I didn’t close with a Thank You to our Dealer and End User customers, as without you none of the above would be possible.  I’m excited about the opportunity that is in front of us for 2018 and look forward to working with all of you to deliver a fantastic year.



David J. LeBlanc
Millennium Group Inc

Be Ready for WAPAC End of Support & Take Advantage of our Migration Program

Microsoft Windows Related Update to Millennium Ultra

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Mid-Cycle Millennium Ultra Software Update Related to Changes to Microsoft Windows

Millennium Ultra Version 2.3.1

The most recent round of patches by Microsoft resulted in changes that cause Windows Defender to identify certain services used by Millennium Ultra as potentially malicious.  We have completed a full analysis and determined no malicious code exists and this is a the result of algorithmic changes by Microsoft.  Depending upon your particular security environment in some instances this could block access to the Ultra Web Client.

This update includes adjustment to eliminate the identification of the code as potentially malicious and restore access to the web client.

WAPAC Hardware Inventory Clearance

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Clearing out the inventory, 25% discount on WAPAC Hardware!!!

After more than 30 years, due to the age and limited availability of key components WAPAC hardware will be no longer available for sale effective December 31, 2017.  Additionally, as the supporting software has been out of development for several years we will also cease support for existing WAPAC sites

To help customers that have not completed their migration and want to ensure they have adequate spares to maintain their system from now until the end of the year, or until our inventory is gone,  we are offering a 25% discount on WAPAC Hardware.

See the full end of life and migration program notice HERE

Be Ready for WAPAC End of Support & Take Advantage of our Migration Program

Announcing the Availability of Millennium Ultra Version 2.3.0

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Our November software release is now available for download  by authorized dealers.

Millennium Ultra Version 2.3.0

Version 2.3.0 includes several bug fixes and enhancements associated with the management of larger systems.
Notable changes include;
  • Corrections to the database backup process to ensure proper backup of databases larger than 1 GB.
  • Adjustments to the Grouped Command user interface to improve usability
  • Enhancements to the cardholder import page to allow for alphabetical sorting of cardholders by tenant

Announcing updated E-Series Firmware

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As part of our November software release we have updated the E-Series firmware to improve system performance.  This update is now available for download  by authorized dealers.

Millennium ESCU, EDCD, and NetDCD Firmware Version 6D build 5

Enhancements and bug fixes in this release include;
  • Correction to the treatment of relay 2 during door forced events to return the relay to its initial state after a preconfigured time interval
  • Optimization of communication algorithm to improve responsiveness in low quality network environments
  • Corrected a time synchronization error effecting legacy Enterprise and Expert System Users

Millennium Enterprise – End of Life Notice Announcement

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Technical Service Bulletin


Bulletin Number:  2017-09

Date:  November 9, 2017

Subject:  Millennium Enterprise– End of Life Notice


Impacted Products

All existing installation of the Millennium Enterprise software platform



Effective January 31, 2018 sales of Millennium Enterprise will be discontinued.  This product is no longer in active development and has been superseded by Millennium Ultra.  As of the end of life date Millennium Enterprise will no longer be offered for sale.  Given the number of current access control systems still using this software platform, Millennium will, subject to our normal terms and conditions, offer continued technical support for these existing sites for a period of two year2 from the end of life date.  Effective January 31, 2020 Millennium will terminate all support services for Millennium Enterprise.



Current users of Millennium Enterprise should begin to work with their authorized Millennium Dealer to plan their migration to Millennium Ultra.  Millennium Ultra is backwards compatible with all Millennium Hardware* but brings a modern look and feel, updated integrations and forward compatibility with all current and future version of the Microsoft Windows™ and Server operating systems.



Migration Program

Depending upon the date of Purchase or Upgrade to Millennium Enterprise, existing users may be entitled to up to a 90% discount on Millennium Ultra.  Dealers should contact their local Millennium Sales Representative for further details on the discounted pricing associated with this end of life program.



For further information please contact Millennium Technical Services at 866-455-5222 or



*Older hardware may require a firmware upgrade