Site Controller Unit Kit (SCU)

The SCU (Site Control Unit) is a communications hub and memory buffer for the door controllers and other devices within the Millenium family. A single SCU can support up to 100 DCDS, 4 ECUs and 10 ECDs. On-board security measures ensure the integrity of the data as well as preventing attempted hacking or pirating of accounts.

Model/Part #: 149-101117

Product Description


  • All bi-directional communications to and from the PC can use either RS-232 or RS-485 protocols
  • Communications for the access control device node use a twisted pair, shielded cable on an RS-485 bus
  • Up to 1000 fully supervised SCUs can be connected to a single PC running the Millenium for Windows® software
  • The SCU is compatible with all of the popular communication modes found in today’s installation environments: dial-up, fiber optic, leased line, radio frequency, and TCP/IP Networking protocol


Power Requirements:

  • 9-14 VDC, supplied by the Kaba PS1 power supply; Current consumption is 50mA nominal, and 90mA maximum

Circuit Protection:

  • Input power is protected from reverse polarity, over-voltage and transient surges

PC and SCU Communications:

  • RS-232 via DB-9F connector or a 4 -wire RS-485 connection using terminal blocks. (RS-485 requires TIU)

SCU Device Communications:

  • A twisted pair, multi-drop, RS-485 polling scheme is used to communicate with other Millenium devices

Dial-up Modem Support:

  • Hayes ATcommand set, at 9600 baud.
  • Call back feature when event buffer is 80% full, or following specific events

Supervisory Relay:

  • A 2 Amp, 24 VDC, single Form C relay that changes state when the SCU loses communication with the other board system

All Events History Buffer:

  • 2000 event, stored in RAM memory with a minimum of 24 hours backup

Priority Event Buffer:

  • 100 software selectable priority events (alarms, com fail, etc.)
  • These events are stored on-board if the SCU is off-line with the host computer. Stored events are sent to the host computer once communications are re-established

Cover Tamper Switch:

  • On-board integrated tamper switch

External Clock Sync:

  • Terminal block connections are available for synching the real time clock to an external AC source
  • Used for international AC situations and infrequent call-ins

Approval and Listings:

  • UL 294

Operating Temperature:

  • 14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C) less than 90% non-condensing humidity


  • 4.24” x 7.35” @ < 1lb
  • 10.8 x 18.7cm @ < 0.45Kg

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