NetDCD1 Board

NetDCD board

The NetDCD1 is a full stand-alone single door and network controller all in one.

Product ID 149-102002

Product Description

  • Supports Wiegand Card Reader protocols, configurable from 0-256, Magstripe formats of ABA/ISO Track 2 with configurable data bits; Clock and Data, and Marlok
  • NetDCD1 incorporates the functions of an SCU/ESCU and EDCD and can be connected to EDCD/DCD boards via RS-485 using various types of supervised wiring methods; Daisy-Chaining, T-Tapping, Home Running, and HighSecurity Loop Back
  • NetDCD1 communicates to the Millennium Software via ethernet (TCP/IP connection) and can support up to 98EDCD/DCD boards, depending on system configuration


Card Data Storage

•Each NetDCD1 stores data for up to 40,000 cards using less than 60 bits

Transaction History Buffer
• 2,000 transaction history provides retention of card activity if communications with server software is lost

Alarm Event History Buffer
• 100 software selectable alarm events (alarms, com fail, etc.) are stored if communications with the server software is lost

NetDCD1 Device Communications
• A twisted pair, multi-drop, RS-485 polling scheme is used to communicate between the NetDCD1 and other Millennium boards (EDCD, DCD, ECU…), the NetDCD1 communicates to the server software via ethernet (TCP/IP)

Programmable Relays
•Each NetDCD1 includes 2programmable Single pole, Form C relays that are rated for up to 5 amps @24 VDC or 10 amps @ 24VAC. These are typically used for door locking devices

Alarm Monitoring
•The NetDCD1 has the capability to monitor up to 7 independent alarm inputs, two of our state supervised.

Circuit Protection
•Input power is protected from reverse polarity, over voltage, and transient surges.
•Relays are overload protected by solid state devices.

Approvals and Listing
• UL 294 Listed

Operating Temperature
•14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C) less than90% non-condensing humidity

Power Requirements
• 9-14 VDC, from our standard power supply. Current consumption is 150mAnominal

Cover Tamper
• On-board integrated tamper switch

•4.24” x 7.35” @ < 1lb, 10.4 x 18.7cm
< 0.4Kg

Ordering Information
•149-102002 Network Door Control unit with power supply and battery
•064-510500 One Door Add-on Kit with Prox Point Reader
•060-101025 Standard Back Box
•041-100992 Back Box with Lock and cover

Product Literature

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