Elevator Control Unit ECU

The ECU (Elevator Control Unit) is the device that interfaces between the SCU and the ECDs. Each ECU has 16 built-in relays to control elevator functions. Up to 4 ECUs can be connected to a single SCU, giving the Millenium system the capability of controlling up to 64,000 floor relays.


  • Controls as many as 10 elevator cars and 64 floors when four units are cascaded on a single SCU.
  • 10,000 user capacity. When four units are connected together on a single SCU, 40,000 users are available.
Model/Part #: EC2-101190

Product Description

Input Power Requirements:

  • 120 VAC input on a 2 Amp unswitched dedicated circuit (EC2-101190)
  • For international power requirements there is a 240 VAC model available (EC2-101191)

Programmable Relays:

  • Each ECU employs 16 programmable single pole, Form C relays that are rated for 5 Amps at 24 VDC

All Events History Buffer:

  • 2000 events, stored in RAM memory with a minimum of 24 hours backup

Alarm Monitoring:

  • Monitors up to 4 independent Normally Closed (nonsupervised) alarm inputs. The circuit must have a break time of at least 500ms for the alarm to trigger

Priority Event Buffer:

  • 100 software selectable priority events (alarms, com fail, etc) These events are stored on-board if the ECU is off-line with the host computer. Stored events are sent to the host computer once communications are re-established

Cover Tamper Switch:

  • On-board integrated tamper switch

Fuse Protection:

  • A 2 Amp slow blow fuse protects the AC input

Keyswitch Override:

  • Used by Fire Department personnel to override the access control system during an emergency

Operating Temperature:

  • 14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C) less than 90% non-condensing humidity


  • 14.25” X 12.25” X 4.25” @ 20lbs
  • 36.2 X 31.1 X 10.8 cm @ 9.1kg

Certification / Listing:

  • UL 294
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