DRC232C Dual Reader Controller

DRC232C is designed to control 2 access points. The DRC’s 2 card reader input ports can accept input from most reader technologies, analog alarm devices, and analog request to exit devices. The DRC is equipped to control 4 output relays (2 door relays + 2 auxiliary relays). In the event of a computer or communication failure, it will continue to operate and log history transactions into the memory buffer. Expanding beyond 2 doors is simple and inexpensive with the system; up to 16 DRC panels can be linked together using a secondary RS-485 network.

Model/Part #: 31-0005

Product Description

Power Requirements:
• 12VAC 40VA
PC to DRC Communications:
• IP network (Ethernet)
• Serial RS-232
• Dial up modem
DRC to DRC Communications
• RS-485 Network
Circuit protection
• Card Reader and other input ports are protected from over voltage and transient surges
Programmable Relays
• Each DRC employs 2 programmable single-pole, dual throw relays that are rated for 10Amps at 250VAC
All Events History Buffer
• 2000 transaction event stored in battery-backed RAM memory
Alarm monitoring
• The Citadel DRC can monitor independent alarm inputs including door forced and other user definable input points in real time. When dial up comm. is used, DRC will initiate a call to the host in the event of an alarm.
Event Buffer
• Events stored on-board with host selectable upload frequency. Alarms sent to host immediately.
Operating Temperature
• 14ºF to 104ºF (-10º to 40ºC); < 90% non-condensing humidity.
Dimensions and Weight
• 8.5” x 7.5” @ < 1lb

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