Babb Secures Newfoundland Hospitals

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When St. John’s Eastern Health Medical Facility in Newfoundland needed to install access control security, they reached out to Babb Security Systems. Challenge: Finding reliable hospital access control system for...
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Access Control Security For a New York City Agency

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M.Zion Security Systems was approached by a major department of the New York City Government for help finding solutions to upgrade their access control security and M.Zion turned to Millennium,...

Large-Scale Data Center Security

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M.Zion Security Systems was tasked with providing secure and reliable solutions to upgrade a major Northeast data center's access control systems. Challenge: Install access control system for large confidential co-location...

Kolram Creates Secure Access For Special Needs Schools

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Kolram recently needed to install a door access control system for a ACES, a special needs cooperative with multiple school locations in Connecticut and reached out to Millennium. Challenge:  Create...

Northwestern University Expands Access Control Integration

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Northwestern and Millennium began working together in Access control in 1995 with a stand-alone system. At the time, Millennium’s major advantage was its ability to have all doors on one...