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Announcing the Availability of Millennium Ultra Version 3.0.0.

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Ultra 3.0.0. page flip image

Our fall upgrade software release is now available for download by authorized dealers.

Millennium Ultra Version 3.0.0.

Ultra version 3.0.0 includes several new features and bug fixes.
Upgraded features include;
  • PostgreSQL database support added. This functionality significantly decreases the Ultra software installation time.
  • Aimetis CCTV integration has been added. With this integration, an operator can assign CCTV cameras to Ultra alarms/events. The live camera view is also available.
  • Scheduled reports functionality has been added to Ultra.
  • And many more.
Notable fixes include;
  • Operator Levels page, minor bug fixed
  • Fixed cards downloaded # being displayed by the ECU in the Device Map page. Now the operator can see the number of cards downloaded to the elevator device
  • Fixed bug with the order of a Facility Code and Card Number on the Historical Log page cards will not stop other cards from correct downloading to the Ving Card system

For full details see the software release notes.

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