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Announcing the Availability of Millennium Ultra Version 2.0.0

By September 5, 2017 No Comments
Our August software release is now available for download  by authorized dealers.
Millennium Ultra Version 2.0
 Version 2.0 now incorporates the necessary services and interfaces to enable substantial expansion to our portfolio of integrations, focusing specifically on Video and Intrusion functionality.  While in the initial release many of these changes will be transparent to users and dealers, a number of integrations taking advantage of these adjustments will be made available in the next several monthly updates.
Notable changes include;
  • Implemented services and modules necessary for March Networks video integration as well as other planned future video and alarm integrations.
  • Converged Ultra and Ultra Lite clients to simplify access for sites or users with multiple and mixed deployments
  • Enhanced the historical archive search algorithm to speed searches and report generation
  • Salto integration UI optimization. Now operator can start Salto controller download process from the Site page.

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